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Upcoming Events: Italy, Latam, Spain

Your application will be reviewed by our team. It is mandatory to insert the LinkedIn profile in the form. Filling in the form is not to be considered as an admission. Admissions will be confirmed by email or SMS. 

Due to limited access by Covid, all those registered for the onsite edition who do not actively confirm their presence will be moved to the online edition. The organization reserves the right to change the capacity or eliminate non-conforming registrations.

When you put our linkedin profile plese use the Link:

Incomplete profiles or profiles with Fake Data will be removed. Obviously false or fake numbers such as 66666666666 or 6000000 automatically exclude the application.

After the form will be MANDATORY complete registration process answer to automatic mail



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With don't accept attendees without a linkedin profile MANDATORY
In order to be able to participate actively, it is necessary to have a SMS Mobile Phone Mandatory

I implicitly consent to the processing of my professional data and understand that it may be transferred to the sponsors and organizers of the Data Management Summit Event. I may at any time exercise my rights according to GDPR regulations by expressly requesting that the data be deleted permanently. The data of the DMS, FOS and all Synergo! events are automatically deleted after 190 days from the event. The transfer of the data to the sponsors makes them responsible for the future treatment. More info about The Synergo!'s GPDR Policy are available here:

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