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Próximos eventos: Bilbao, España

En 2023 hay dos eventos diferentes uno dedicado exclusivamente a la AAPP más el evento tradicional.

El evento de AP está absolutamente reservado a la AAPPP y los perfiles no aptos serán rechazados.

Su solicitud será revisada por nuestro equipo. Es obligatorio introducir el perfil de LinkedIn en el formulario. La cumplimentación del formulario no se considerará una admisión. Las admisiones se confirmarán por correo electrónico o Linkedin.  

 La organización se reserva el derecho de modificar el aforo o eliminar inscripciones no conformes.

Cuando pongas nuestro perfil de linkedin por favor utiliza el Link: (OBLIGATORIO)

Los perfiles incompletos o con Datos Falsos serán eliminados. Obviamente números telefónicos falsos o falsos como 66666666666 o 6000000 excluyen automáticamente la candidatura en asistir en el evento.

Después de que el formulario será obligatorio completar el proceso de registro respuesta al correo automático

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DMS Spain PA - Bilbao 25th October
DMS Spain - Bilbao 26th October

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With don't accept attendees without a linkedin profile MANDATORY
In order to be able to participate actively, it is necessary to have a SMS Mobile Phone Mandatory

I implicitly consent to the processing of my professional data and understand that it may be transferred to the sponsors and organizers of the Data Management Summit Event. I may at any time exercise my rights according to GDPR regulations by expressly requesting that the data be deleted permanently. The data of the DMS, FOS and all Synergo! events are automatically deleted after 190 days from the event. The transfer of the data to the sponsors makes them responsible for the future treatment. More info about The Synergo!'s GPDR Policy are available here: I give my consent and authorization to the event organizers to take photographs and/or audiovisual recordings in which I may appear during my participation in the event. I understand that the images and recordings obtained may be used by the organization of the event for promotional, divulgative, advertising or informational purposes, whether in print, electronic or digital media, including but not limited to publication on websites, social networks, brochures, newsletters and other materials related to the event. I also acknowledge that the aforementioned photographs and recordings may be shared with third parties, such as sponsors, collaborators and media, as part of the dissemination and promotion of the "Data Management Summit" event. I declare that I have no objection to the use of my image in the aforementioned photographs and recordings and I waive any claim, compensation or right over them.

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